From character design to product development, we can provide CAD 3D models or mesh based 3D models for a variety of different uses. Whether you need multiple 3D scans merged together, a concept drawing modeled in 3D, or prototyping assistance, we can help you bring your ideas to life.

We can take your 2D drawings, sketches or images and create a 3D model whether it's for 3D printing, animation or mass production.


To receive a quote, send your drawings and details on your planned use to:

Using a combination of CAD and Mesh 3D modeling, this torch prop was digitally sculpted using only reference images. 

It was also specifically designed to be 3D printed easily with minimal post-processing.

If your project requires complex parts or assemblies, we can help engineer or design those parts to better streamline the production method being used.

Statue of Liberty torch prop

alien queen figurine

This alien character was digitally sculpted using only one image and was prepared to be 3D print ready.  We can take a single 2D image and sculpt it into a full 3D model.


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